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A Testimonial


Note: Michael R. Pekor, MS, C. Ht., the author of the following testimonial, is a former student of Dr. Kouguell's and a graduate of Brookside Center's Mentorship and Certification Program in Clinical Hypnosis. Currently, he heads Long Island Hypnotherapy and treats patients principally in the Long Island, NY area. All new hypnotherapy referrals from Brookside Center's former Long Island location are now requested to contact Michael for treatment at (516) 542-5921or via his website.




Dear Maurice,

You have been a great inspiration to me.  I learned a tremendous lesson from you several years ago.  I learned that I can be extremely critical and judgmental.  I have worked long and hard on becoming more accepting and understanding of people and their unique qualities.  I want to thank you for that because you have helped me grow.  My relationships are better for it, and therefore my quality of life has steadily improved.

Anyway, I am very excited about starting my practice.  You taught me how to see the person in front of me and not try to fit his or her “symptoms” into my preconceived categories and ideas.  I went through the psychoanalytic route for about a year, and it was very rewarding.  I learned lots from the experience.  Reading has also helped me understand many things.  But the bottom line is that what you gave to me has enabled me to feel confident enough to start things off.  I can’t thank you for that enough.

I always wanted to “know” that I would be “good enough” to treat people with all kinds of problems.  I guess I still feel that way, but I realize one thing.  You have to start somewhere.  I am who I am today, and in a few years I’ll be that much more experienced.  I’ll do my best to treat every person with compassion, acceptance and patience.  I’ll read up on whatever I need to, and I will continue to broaden my perspective as much as I can.

Anyhow, thanks!  You made a big difference for me.




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