Brookside Center for Counseling and Hypnotherapy

The Basic Structure of Loss
and Violence Trauma Imprints

by Judith Swack, Ph.D.

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As an NLP practitioner specializing in Mind/Body healing, I have worked with many clients who presented with a diverse set of physical or emotional problems. Despite the variety of symptoms, I was fascinated by the discovery that a large proportion of these problems were primarily caused by only two types of trauma imprints, loss and violence. Some of the diverse manifestations of these trauma imprints included physical illnesses or symptoms such as immune system deficits (repeated infections, cancer, allergies, asthma), body pain (headaches, residual pain or weakness from physical injuries), cardiovascular irregularities (heart palpitations), neuroendocrine irregularities (infertility), and sleep and energy level deficits.

Representative emotional problems included an inability to progress towards life goals (feeling "stuck") such as obtaining a desired job or mate. I initially assumed that the "frozen" quality of the problem was phobic in nature and would resolve after a simple phobia cure treatment. I soon discovered that loss and violence trauma imprints have additional components that require healing in order for the client to obtain complete and lasting results. I decided to study and characterize the core structure of loss and violence trauma imprints in order to develop a thorough and successful treatment protocol.

The trauma patterns and treatment protocols described here are the result of in depth study of more than eighty clients that I have treated over a period of ten years. I was intrigued to discover that all loss traumas have common core structures; all violence traumas have common core structures. I also found that although the two patterns are quite similar, there are certain unique characteristics that distinguish a loss from a violence imprint. This report is divided into sections as follows:

Characteristics and Importance of Trauma Imprints
Outlines of Loss and Violence Trauma Imprints
Descriptions and Case Examples
Intervention Protocols
Special Circumstances
Appendix containing the procedure for the Callahan TechniqueTM for Phobia.


In this study, I have outlined the complete core structure of loss and violence imprints found in 100% of my subjects. During the last 10 years I have developed a comprehensive protocol to clear the entire pattern at the conscious, unconscious, and body level. After treatment with this protocol, clients were able to make progress in areas of their life where previously they were unable to progress. Some clients improved significantly or recovered from severe or chronic illnesses. Other clients achieved success in the areas of long-term relationships and career.

During the process of clearing a specific trauma imprint, many clients learned to recognize the patterns and respect the resulting degree of damage in themselves and others. When they learned the skills necessary to clear trauma, they developed a sense of confidence in their ability to transcend life's accidents and tragedies. The long-term reproducibility and success of this protocol allows me to conclude that trauma damage can be healed at the spirit, conscious, unconscious, and body levels.

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