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Dear Dr. Kouguell,

I hope that you are well.

A few years ago, when I was  a new hypnotherapist, I found your site and read the articles regarding cancer, chemo, the affirmations from Belleruth Naparsek. 

Just a few months ago, on June 2 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I remembered your site immediately.

I would like you to know that it has been an incredible source of strength for me. 

I immediately recorded some tapes for myself, including all the affirmations you had listed.  I have since been able to get Belleruth's cd on Chemo. What an enormous difference that made to me - I went from being overwhelmingly fearful about chemo to walking in the door of the clinic with confidence and a smile on my face.  Magic happened.  It's two sessions down and six to go.  I may not have hair and I may not always smile, but it's okay!

Your story, I am sure, gave me the ability - or, perhaps, more, a blueprint - that enabled me to take whatever personal steps I needed and, also, to grow in inner strength and wellness as I did.  Thank you.

Like you, I feel the message in this experience and the need to use it to help others. 

Thank you again.

Best regards to you and your wife,

Sylvia Frain

Kelowna, BC


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