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 On The Joys of Playing Chamber Music

Reflections on the Careers of Hypnotists 

I Cried: A Poem

You Are Not Alone: Treating Mental Illness

 Combat Fatigue: Transforming Exhaustion into Energy After Prolonged Chemotherapy

Follow Up on Chemotherapy: I am Still In Control


Anxiety, Fear and Chemotherapy: Coping with Cancer

The Effects of Traumatic Situations on Both Individuals and Emergency Responders

The Role of Hypnosis in Addictive Behavior Helping end the problem of addiction


Dealing With Road Rage

Use Stress In A Positive Way: A Therapist From Europe Offers His Perspective

Hypnosis In The Management of Verbal Abuse: Helping the Client Recognize and Overcome the Traumatic Experience of Verbal Abuse

A Position Paper on the Training of Hypnotists: Dr. Kouguell Explains the Fundamentals of His Unique Approach to Training in Hypnotherapy

The Power of Acceptance: A Patient's Reflections on the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

Happiness Is Good Health And Bad Memory: Correcting Imbalances in the Nervous System with EFT

When The Light Bulb Went On: The Urgency for a Pre-Hypnosis Evaluation

Beyond the Technique of Hypnosis: The Patient Before the Technique

Intuitive Hypnosis: Insight and Hypnosis in Practice

Hypnotherapy With Non-Achievers: Strategies For Reluctant Improvers

Possible Dangers and Complications: Important Considerations

Healing Aspects of Humor in Hypnotherapy

School-Related Trauma: The Problem of Unintentional Trance

If The Foot Hurts, The Shoe Fits: Biography and Teaching Metaphor

Anxiety Attacked: A Therapist Explores the Domino Effect

Hypnosis and Alien Abductions: An Inner or An Outer Experience?

The Role of Art in Hypnoanalysis

Hypnosis for the Female Reproductive System--Gender Specific Hypnotherapy

Counseling and Hypnotherapy

R.E.T. and Hypnosis: A Synergistic Combination

Healing Invisible Scars: The Wounding Power of Words

Fine Tuning The Healer: When Life Becomes Its Own Metaphor

Hypnosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Suggested Scripts)

Trance and Temperaments: To Each His Own

Remembering Dr. Dahl: Hypnosis Saves Rachmaninoff

Regression-A Case History (An Overweight Problem in the Balance)

Mind/Body Therapy: Ideodynamic Communication in Hypnotherapy

Dealing With Resistance: Recognizing and Resisting Subjective Resistance

Discourse On Trance and Healing


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Dr. Kouguell's articles have been published in:


Journal of Hypnotism

Journal of Counseling Psychology

Hypnosis Report

Unlimited Human

EMPATHY: The Journal of the Hypnotherapy Society (U.K.)


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