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Healing FearEdmund Bourne, director of the Anxiety Treatment Center in San Jose and Santa Rosa California - author, of  ANXIETY AND PHOBIA WORKBOOK which has received world recognition, brings us a new book, HEALING FEAR. This is one of the most comprehensive books ever written on stress, anxiety, panic disorders as well as all fear related conditions. The author offers a wide variety of approaches for overcoming anxiety related disorders. He also provides  step-by-step guidelines, questionnaires and exercises which are innovative and easily integrated into guided imagery or hypnotic inductions. With his new approaches the reader can learn how to live a less stressful life, develop skills in self-observation, accept help care for ones body through relaxation, nutrition, exercises and much much more.

I am so impressed by the thoroughness of this book that I intend to adopt it for my courses in  the departments of Counseling as well as Family Life Therapy at Westbrook University.

Maurice Kouguell, Ph.D., Dean, Department of Psychology, Westbrook University

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