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MILABS:Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction

by Dr. Helmut and Marion Lammer

Dr. Kouguell and hypnotherapy play pivotal roles in an on-going investigation into the government's involvement with the alien abduction phenomenon


MILABSMichelle (pseudonym) had her first conscious memory of a typical alien abduction experience with non-human beings at the age of eight. She remembers classic alien abduction experiences with three to four-foot-tall "Grey" beings with large heads and almond shaped eyes.

Her following experiences, however, have nothing to do with alien abductions. Since 1995, Michelle has had traumatic flashbacks, reality-like dreams and some consciously remembered MILAB events. She began to remember a face of a reptilian creature, images of traveling in a military Jeep and soldiers with black berets. Interestingly she also recalls being submerged in some type of fluid, heavier than water. This flashback continued to hound her but she couldn't remember more details.

After these flashbacks Michelle found out that she had a missing time experience in 1970 near Montauk, New York. During this time she visited her aunt and her uncle's campsite at Ditch Plains in Montauk. Her uncle remembered that she was missing for about three hours. Her recollection of the early part of that day was quite clear but the later part had been vague and blurry.

Michelle decided to do hypnosis regression concerning the missing time experience. Her memory gaps were investigated by Dr. Kouguell, a professional Ph.D. hypnotherapist and MUFON consultant, with the use of regressive hypnosis.

A hypnosis session done during September 1995 revealed that Michelle and a boyfriend had a MILAB kidnapping experience near the campsite at Ditch Plains. She walked with her friend toward the east into the dunes, where they lay down. Suddenly they heard a loud buzzing sound like a car coming near them. She recalled under hypnosis the following story:

"... We should run away! I try to yell to my friend that we should get out of there. But I can't talk... I can't move! I'm scared... I want my mother... A man wearing a soldier's uniform is looking down at me, standing on my left. On the right is another soldier... Their leader is called Terry and is very tan, with dark hair and dark glasses..."

The soldiers carried both of them to the military Jeep and traveled north through the dunes.

"...We are in the back seat of a jeep...There's a big hill up ahead. This is so weird! The hill is moving...just part of it. It looks like a door in the hill. It moves forward and then to my right. We drive in. There is another jeep parked on my left. Two other men with the same uniform and black beret are inside..."

The soldiers drove both to a now closed underground complex near Montauk. After they were separated, Michelle was escorted inside the underground research facility where she had several frightening experiences.

"... This looks like a garage or something. We go through a door. It is bright in this hallway. We turn right. My friend is just ahead of me. At the next hallway, he keeps going straight with two guys but we turned to the right and walk a few feet to an elevator door. He put a credit card-like thing in the slot next to the door. The slot is vertical and there are red and green lights above. The door opens...we go inside...but there are no buttons to push. We are going down...the door opens and it smells a basement with cesspool overflow problem..."

After this detailed description of going underground, an unbelievable experience occurs. As we noted in the introduction, the presence of human military personnel inhabiting the same physical reality as non-human beings is unbelievable for skeptics and could easily be used to ridicule the whole MILAB scenario. Michelle described being escorted by military personnel into a dark office-like room where she had a traumatic encounter with a non human being:

"... There is almost no furniture in it. There's something that looks like a padded table. They help me on it and lay me down. Now I am really cold... They leave the room. I can't seem to move anything but my eyes. Why am I here? I don't like this. Over to my left something moves. It's coming closer... I can see it better...Oh God! It's a monster!..."

At this point Michelle got so agitated that she almost jumped from the recliner in Dr. Kouguell's office. She became very emotional and couldn't stop shaking and crying. After Dr. Kouguell calmed her down she remembered the following:

"...What I see is a creature about 6-7 foot tall. His ears are large and pointed at the top. His eyes are bright yellow-gold and seem to glow. He has pointy teeth and a large vertical wrinkle on his forehead and he has a tail!..."

After the description of the reptoid-like being, she remembered how she was raped by this creature. We don't know what this traumatic experience means. We don't think, however, that the military worked with this reptoid creature. It could be possible that Michelle was drugged with an hallucinogen, raped by a human and projected the reptoid as a kind of screen memory, although she described the skin and other features of the creature quite realistically...

After the rape, Michelle recalled the that the creature went back to the dark side of the room. After a short time two soldiers came into the room, dressed her and escorted her to an examination room with machines, stainless steel equipment and the table covered in white. Michelle was placed on the table and strapped down. After a few minutes, which for her seemed like hours (also a symptom reported by users of hallucinogenic drugs), a group of five to six people, including one female, came into the room. All of them wore medical clothes consisting of white gowns, and surgical masks covered their faces.

"... They are very busy... I don't know why my head is turned on its side and taped to the table. I know this sounds strange, but a small portion of the area behind and above my right ear is shaved. My ear is pulled toward the front of my face and taped to it! Although I am immobilized and can't talk I am completely conscious!..."

Michelle remembers that someone was writing something on her skin behind the right ear. After an intravenous injection, she felt a prick in her arm and lost consciousness. She woke with her boyfriend later on the beach. It could be that the medical staff implanted an electrode or tiny bio-chip behind the right ear. Michelle informed us that about ten years ago, she developed what was thought to be an inflamed cyst behind the right ear. The she went to her doctor and he had to lance it to drain and remove it. As he broke the skin, he examined a strange thing. He said it had the size and shape of a bullet.

After these regressions Michelle got more traumatic flashbacks that were also investigated with the help of hypnosis. The next hypnosis session revealed more traumatic flashbacks of being in an isolation tank. The following experience was investigated during an emotional hypnosis regression session. Michelle had never had this experience while under hypnosis before. She recalled being in a dark place, while she floated in something that felt slightly heavier than warm water.

Before this experience Michelle recalled being kidnapped by two men. She was brought to a dark van and to a secret research facility where she saw military personnel and men in white lab-coats. They escorted her into an examination room when they put her naked on a table. She had wires attached all over her body and she saw a doctor in a white lab-coat standing next to her. The next experience was uncovered via a deep trance regression which probed again into the isolation tank experience.

"... I am being in a dark place... being afraid... floating in something that felt slightly heavier than water... feeling warm... and smelling peppermint or spearmint... struggling, afraid of drowning... why do I have to be in this?... It scares me so much... I want to get out!... The liquid feels heavier than water... it's warm... I smell something minty... I can feel wires attached to me as I move my arms and legs slightly... on my chest and head too... I stretch out my fingers, trace the smooth surface... traveling upwards... in an ‘arc’ above me. Floating... gentle motion... blackness all around... are my eyes open?... or are they closed?... is this blackness I see only in my mind?..."

After this she experienced a kind of "otherworldly journey," a kind of artificially induced out-of-body experience, or she began to hallucinate. She saw a desert-like area, mountains, a large white building with tall pillars and steps on the top of a hill, and many colors too.

From this experience it seems clear to us that Michelle was kidnapped, drugged and used for a secret sensory deprivation experiment....

We think that Michelle's MILAB experience shows very well that she was used in such experiments without her knowledge. It should be noted that during the late 1950's and early 1960's Dr. Lilly also experimented with brain-implants. During this period, Dr. Lilly was contacted by covert intelligence services and researchers for the Department of Defense (DOD). Dr. Lilly wrote in his book The Scientist, that while he was at the National Institute of Health, the isolation tank experiments, like the brain the electrode experiments, became subject to the politics of the time...We believe that Michelle is experiences show that this was true and that there is evidence that she is a victim of such secret deprivation tank experiments.

... In addition, recent hypnosis sessions performed on Michelle in July 1997 revealed that she may have been using various mind control experiments during her lifetime.

During a two hour session Michelle remembered being in a room with two or three men who were in charge of other men who were wearing lab-coats. Before this, she was in some kind of the examination room, where someone mounted something on her head.

"... There's something on my head... it looks like... tongs... it looks like tongs on my head. But it's, uh, my head. Like on either side of my head... and there's a... there's where it's attached to... it's silver..."

She described silver-colored tongs, pinching at her temples and inducing intense pain in her head. This experience is reminiscent of an experiment involving the stimulation of the temporal lobe region by the use of magnetic fields... Michelle's case seems to support the hypothesis of many researchers that if a person was once selected the victim is used repeatedly as a human lab animal in one externally controlled and the monitored experiment after another.

One should note, however, that the earlier mentioned specific experiences have nothing to do with aliens, although we will show in another chapter that humans in business suits and white lab-coats also interrogated her about her alleged alien abduction experiences. Michelle also sometimes finds bruises and puncture marks on her body, and has had other experiences with dark hooded cloaked beings.

[Excerpted from MILABS: Military Mind Control & Alien Abduction by Dr. Helmut Lammer & Marion Lammer, IllumiNet Press, 1999. Used with kind permission of the authors.]

(Note: For more on Michelle's abduction experiences and Dr. Kouguell's treatment of her, visit: or see Dr. Kouguell's article Hypnosis and Alien Abductions for a more complete analysis of the phenomenon)


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