Kathi Kouguell


My Father's Words: Let the Houses be the Witnesses


In 1997 I found a carbon copy of a 13 page letter written in German by my father Joseph A. Gray, a.k.a. Anton Josef Gfrörer. The letter had been sent to an old friend and teaching colleague from Germany, bringing him up to date with the events of my family's life from 1934 to 1946. After reading it many times, I knew that much of the work done in the last 30 years as an artist, as well as much of my emotional turmoil over the years, seem to have been the necessary preparation for this series.

This installation: My Father's Words: Let the Houses be the Witnesses  is composed of 22 pieces,13 framed paintings/collages and 8 wooden structures, all containing segments of the letter which were particularly poignant and expressed the events and emotions most movingly. (A video of this installation is available to interested parties. To order, click here.)


..and here begins the tragedy of our life

...but not for a Jew

...we three are still alive!


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