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What is it?

Psychovisual Therapy (PsyV) is one of the most powerful mental re-programming systems in use today. Positive response is quick and, used properly, the system is safe with no side-effects. Since it deals with the cause of the problem, rather than its symptoms, its effectiveness is marked even among those who have already attempted other techniques.

How does it work?

We are all affected by color and shape. Certain shapes and colors will relax, stimulate and create either balance or unease.

Balanced, full-spectrum visual induction patterns, encoded with specific subliminal suggestions, present new programming, below the conscious threshold of perception, directly to the sub-conscious mind.

PsyV Subliminal Programming PsyV reaches directly into the mind.


Psychovisual Therapy provides a relaxing, totally enjoyable experience. While observing fascinating sculptures of gently moving light patterns, transmitted by video, encoded messages within these patterns are instructing the sub-conscious mind and transforming vulnerable attitudes into stress-proof ones. Psychovisual Therapy employs the brain's own natural processes which are there for one's own benefit and use. The soothing voice of the video creator on most of the videos brings you essential information about how the mind works, how you can change negative messages in your subconscious and what vital facts you need to know about the specific topic.

Doesn't Psychovisual Therapy really just rely on a placebo effect?

No. Neither belief in the system understanding of it matters. The patterns of light and subliminals influence the mind regardless of belief in the system's effectiveness. Still, even if all PsyV did was harness the placebo effect, that in itself would be marvelous. It would mean that the client would have an ideal way to trigger their body and mind's own healing processes.

What kinds of problems can Psychovisual Therapy help me with?

PsyV therapy has programs to deal with the following situations:

Brookside Center uses Psychovisual Therapy, along with psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counseling, as part of a comprehensive program of behavior modification tailored to needs of the individual client. Please feel free to call, write or email us with any questions you may have on the PsyV program.

For More on PsyV, visit Hypnosis Headquarters: The PsyV Website


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